efb extracting machine

  • Palm Making Long Fiber Extracting Machine

    Palm Making Long Fiber Extracting Machine

    Palm disperser (also known as fiber disperser, palm dismantling machine, palm disperser, etc.) is aimed at the current palm industry production of large palms are not easy to use, palm fiber texture is very hard, easy to tie, can not tear, pull Do not move, etc., these materials pile up a large space, discarded and not easily rotted will cause harm to the environment. After long-term research and development, the technicians of Qingzhou Xinhang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. have successfully developed special equipment for palm dismantling, decomposition and shearing, which can be widely used to reduce palm to tow staple fiber. The structure design of this equipment is simple and reasonable. It has high work efficiency, low energy consumption and easy operation. It is a good equipment for the recycling and utilization of palm fiber industry.

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