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  • Wood Pulp Paper Slicing Machine

    Wood Pulp Paper Slicing Machine

    The cutting machine conveys the cotton pulp or paperboard to be cut to the circular cutter mechanism through a conveyor belt, and the round cutter mechanism cuts the cotton pulp or the cardboard into a long strip shape, and then the long-shaped cotton pulp is twisted by the rotary cutter mechanism or The cardboard is cut into small pieces and no manual operation is required during processing. The wood pulp board slicer is beneficial to increase production efficiency and reduce costs. The cutting machine has different power and model, the picture is for reference, our company can be improved according to the customer's own needs.

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  • Wood Pulp Paper Cutting Machine

    Wood Pulp Paper Cutting Machine

    Paperboard Cutting machine (also known as slicer, paper cutting machine, warp and weft cutting machine, etc.) is a widely used cutting device. The application principle is to spread the large piece of continuous roll material. The purpose is to apply a continuous, uninterrupted slitting and cross-cutting work mode in the wood pulp board slicing industry. The application fields include medical intermediates, raw materials, special green fiber manufacturing, ultra-high-strength concrete, and textiles. , printing, fine chemicals and other industries. After years of careful research, Qingzhou Xinhang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has made a number of practical technical upgrades based on the original cutting machine based on the cutting and crushing machine platform of various soft materials raw materials researched and developed by the company and the society. The application technology of the cutting machine has reached a higher and more exquisite level, and better provides customers with more worry-free and more durable services.

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