• Constant Speed Feeder

    Constant Speed Feeder

    The quantitative feeder is one of the newly developed mechanical products of Qingzhou Xinhang Fiber Cutting Machinery Research Institute. Because of its excellent quality, it is well received by customers.
    The straw quantitative feeding machine introduces a large amount of straw into the hopper, and distributes it evenly through the working chamber of the feeding machine, so that the straw is quantitatively and quickly and evenly sent out, and is uniformly discharged at a time through a homogenizing device, and the uniform effect is good. It is mainly used for uniform feeding of straw fiber in the papermaking industry, so that it can continue to be transported in the next process.

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Qingzhou Xinhang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in straw fiber quantitative feeder, uniform speed feeder, manufacturers wholesale price is low, good quality,please contact us if necessary.

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