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    Waste Plastic Tire Double Shaft Shredder Grinder

    Waste Plastic Tire Double Shaft Shredder Grinder

    1.adapt Germany newest shredding technology
    2.low noise
    3.high capacity about 8000-40000kg/h
    4.widly usage mainly suitable for crushing wood,rubber,tires and plastic
    5.long lifetime
    6.Knife blades are very resistant, can exchange four times to use, easy to use.
    7.adapt PIC control,automatic control

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  • Single Shaft Shredder For Fiberglass

    Single Shaft Shredder For Fiberglass

    The shredder is suitable for new film, woven bag, fishing net, and other multi-purpose woven bag shredders; it can be used for waste agricultural film, packaging film, greenhouse film, ton bag, space bag, food bag, cement bag, used fishing net, etc. Recycling of recycling

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  • PA Nylon Fiber Cutting Machine

    PA Nylon Fiber Cutting Machine

    Xinhang fiber cutting machine for nylon adopts rotary hob cutter, automatic conveyor belt conveying material. The front end of the knife edge adopts double-stage pressure roller pressing device with protective cover. The cutting edge width is 400-1500 mm, and the feeding thickness is 30-80 mm.
    Cutting and shredding machine for nylon applicable to all kinds of waste fabrics, old garments, cotton fiber, fiberglass, linen, silk leather, carton, plastic film and other irregular and non-directional soft material shearing, because the rotary knife is reduced by multiple pieces,the cost of blade wear and replacement ensures a large amount of material shear reliability.

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  • Fiber Cutting Machine For Yarn

    Fiber Cutting Machine For Yarn

    Yarn cutting machine is a special machine designed for the cutting of garments, cotton spinning scraps, all kinds of waste clothes and leather. The product design is very advanced and high quality. The yarn recycle machine adopts a twisting machete, which can be equipped with 2-8 tools. The cutting size can be adjusted freely and the cutting speed is fast.

    The product adopts a variety of high-quality special materials, and is processed through hundreds of processes. Yarn cutting machine has high work efficiency and can solve the manual cutting of a large number of labors. Cutter machine for yarn is an ideal choice for the next opening and reworking process.

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  • Cutter Shredder Machine For Paper

    Cutter Shredder Machine For Paper

    There are two types of cardboard shredders, one can cut the whole carton cardboard and other raw materials into strips of 5 mm-50 mm, the length of the tool is 40 mm, 60 mm, 80,, 1200, 1500 mm.

    The other peper cutting machine is a pulverizing machine that cuts the carton into small pieces or granules. The discharge size is mainly controlled by a screen, and the aperture of the screen ranges from 1 mm to 60 mm. Same machine,the smaller the screen, the lower the output .

    The same paper shredder can be configured with multiple screens of different sizes.

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  • Cutter Shredder Machine For Natural Fibres

    Cutter Shredder Machine For Natural Fibres

    Cutter shredder machine for natural fiber is one kind of machine to deal with the fiber of sisal, hemp, esparto, jute, linen, wool, cotton and etc.,the cutting and shredding machine can cut the fiber to 1-50cm,the short-cut natural fibers can be used to do deep processing.

    This cutting and shredding machine of natural fiber uses Xinhang Machinery Co., Ltd.'s consistent rotary torsion knife to cut off the raw materials, cutting off neatly, with less winding and large output, which is deeply loved by customers, and each machine will be designed separately according to different customer raw materials.

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  • Cutter Shredder Machine For Foam

    Cutter Shredder Machine For Foam

    Machine for chopping or grinding, cutting and shredding of PET and other plastic materials such as polypropylene PP, polyethylene
    PE, PES polyester, polystyrene PS, EVA, PVC, HIPS, big-bags, thermal blanket, plastic greenhouse, plastic agriculture raffia nets, ropes
    XINHANG offers the cutting and shredding ROTATOR, a machine with working widths of 400-1500MM, with a variable cutting length (due to speed setting the feed belt) and a production capacity of up to 8000kg / hour (depending on the size of the shredded material).The cutting process begins with the advance of the conveyor belt variable speed (adjustment of the cutting length is easily accomplished from the control panel). Subsequently, they pass the rotary cutting system, consisting of several blades. Finally, the extraction weaver totally evacuates all shredded matter.Depending on the capacity of cutting or shredding or shaped material feeding for processing that is required, XINHANG offers several models ROTATOR shredder.

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  • Cutter Shredder Machine For Mineral Fibres

    Cutter Shredder Machine For Mineral Fibres

    SBJ series high-speed rotary twisting knife fiber cutting machine (also known as rag machine, short cutting machine, twisting machine, rag machine, etc.). Based on the experience of our company's scientific and technical personnel and first-line production staff in the development and production of textile machinery primary processing equipment, fiber cutting machinery and textile recycling processing and utilization, combined with the different production needs of many customers, independently design and manufacture a new type of independent intellectual property rights. Technology products, and obtained national patents.
    Fiber cutting machine Utility model patent certificate number: 200820025018.7
    Fiber cutting machine Design patent certificate number: 200830163085.0
    Rotary cutting torsion knife Utility model patent certificate number: 201120063415.5
    Fiber Dispersing Machine Utility Model Patent Certificate No.: 201120044114.8

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  • Cutter Shredder Machine For Plastics And Polymers

    Cutter Shredder Machine For Plastics And Polymers

    This fiber cutting machine can be used to cut plastics and polymers and other materials which can be cutted by scissors.This cutter and shredder for plastics machine can be used to process a wide range of raw materials

    The shredder mill of polymers can cut the pplymet into 1-50cm,The length of the raw material cut can be adjusted.
    Different raw materials, we have different tool materials to choose from.The tool material of the fiber cutting machine for plastics is made of high speed tool steel.

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Qingzhou Xinhang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in Cutter shredder machine and Cutting Machine. The manufacturer has low wholesale price and many functions. It can be used for crushing and cutting of natural fiber, leather, glass bottle container, polyester yarn and textile.

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