Baling Machine

  • Waste Paper Cardboard Carton Compactor Baling Machine

    Waste Paper Cardboard Carton Compactor Baling Machine

    Model 120 carton packer is an upgraded product of the packer. It can be used to pack waste paper, waste carton, straw, rice husk, cotton, waste cloth, woven bags, plastic bottles and other materials. It is easy to operate and saves labor by counting PLC electric control. With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the baler is also making continuous progress. A kind of Model 120 carton packer is a high-speed, high efficiency, low energy consumption and other characteristics of the equipment.

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  • Hydraulic Horizontal Press Baler

    Hydraulic Horizontal Press Baler

    Vertical hydraulic baler is mainly used for compressed packaging of waste paper, plastic, iron filings, garbage, cotton gauze, hemp, wool, paper, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, scrap iron, stainless steel scraps, etc. Transport and reduce storage space; ideal for packaging equipment such as paper companies, waste paper recycling plants, and plastics processing industries. This machine is suitable for large-scale centralized compression and packaging of loose materials such as waste materials, waste paper, plastics, etc. It is fast and simple, and it is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower and reduce transportation costs. According to the customer's output and materials, we can recommend *** economical equipment, and design and develop chemical explosion-proof balers. It has the characteristics of low cost, high flexibility and economical efficiency. It is an essential equipment for resource recycling.

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  • Vertical Hydraulic Baling Machine

    Vertical Hydraulic Baling Machine

    The baler is used to extrude waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and is packaged and formed by special packaging belts, so that the volume is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the transportation volume, saving freight, and increasing the efficiency for the enterprise.

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