What to do if the tire shredder blade is worn


What should I do if the blade of the tire shredder is worn? Everyone knows that the shredder mainly uses the internal blade to shred, so it means that his blade is a wearing part.
 If the blade of the shredder is worn out if it is not replaced in time, the shredded material will have uneven particles and affect the effect, but some customers think that it is a pity to replace such a new thick blade. Today we will teach you how to sharpen the blade so that it can be used again.
The grinding of the tire shredder blade is not the same as the grinding of other blades. Other types of mechanical blades basically use a grinder to grind flat or edge parts. The special characteristics of the shredder prop structure are many. The equipment of the claw blade makes the grinding machine unable to grind it, and the flat grinding of a single blade will cause the gap between the blades to be too large, which will seriously affect the use. The wear of the blade is mainly the wear on the jaw. The simpler way to repair is to polish the inside of the cutting edge with a polishing machine until the cutting edge is sharp. In the process of grinding, it must be noted that it must be polished along the arc of the blade, and must be perpendicular to the plane, so that the loss of the original blade is small. So don't be alarmed if the blade is worn, just try this method.

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