Vibrating screen Performance Features and Installation Considerations


    What are the characteristics of vibrating screen performance? What should you pay attention to when installing the vibrating screen? Let's take a look at the performance characteristics of the vibrating screen and the installation precautions. I hope to help everyone.

  vibrating screen performance characteristics

  The vibrating screen is a circular motion, which is a multi-layer, high-efficiency new vibrating screen. The vibrating screen machine adopts the barrel type eccentric shaft vibration exciter and the partial block to adjust the amplitude, the material sieve line length, the screening specification is many, the structure is reliable, the excitation force is strong, the screening efficiency is high, the vibration noise is small, the sturdy and durable, the maintenance Convenient, safe to use and so on.

  The vibrating screen machine mainly consists of a sieve box, a screen, a vibrator, a vibration-damping spring device and a chassis. The vibrator is on the side plate of the screen box, and the motor is rotated by the coupling or the belt to generate centrifugal inertial force, forcing the screen box to vibrate. The screen is the main consumable part. According to the material product and user requirements, high manganese steel woven mesh, punching sieve plate and rubber sieve plate can be used. The sieve plate has two layers, one layer and two layers. All kinds of sieve plates can meet the different requirements of screening effect. This series of vibrating screens is mounted in a seat. The adjustment of the screen inclination can be achieved by changing the height of the spring support.

Vibrating screen

  vibrating screen Installation Precautions

  1. Be careful to choose a screen with a thicker wire diameter, because the device of the curved screen screen is absolutely cumbersome.

  2. When cutting, the screen width and the grid can be kept separate, and the length of the screen must be longer than 60mm.

  3. When installing the clearing net, you should also pay attention to the difficulty and quantity of screening.

  4. Since the tension of the screen is the main factor of the reaction screening frequency, the screen must be tightened during installation.

  5. If the ratio of the items is large or the number of screens is high, the nets should be increased on the screen surface. The means is to support the work, reduce the pressure on the screens and extend the service life. 

  6. After the grid is removed to the screen box as required, remember to insert the extra screen into the corresponding discharge port to prevent mixing.

  7. After the installation is completed, the equipment should be tested with a few items for the screening machine and the screening. If the items are sent forward and evenly graded, and there is no mixing phenomenon, it means that it can be used. Conversely, if there is no uniformity such as deviation or accumulation, the flatness and uniformity of the screen surface of the sieve should be mobilized. In the event of a mixing phenomenon, the sealing of the screen and the compaction should be reviewed.

  The above is about the performance of the vibrating screen and the installation precautions. I hope everyone can understand the performance characteristics of the vibrating screen and the installation precautions.

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