Advantages and operate step of carpet shredder


    What are the advantages of carpet shredders, making the equipment so popular? How to operate the carpet shredder? Next, Xiaobian will tell you about the advantages and operation steps of the carpet shredder. I hope to help everyone.

  Advantages of carpet shredders

  The cutting piece of the carpet crusher is made of high-quality special steel. After strict heat treatment, the tool can be coated with a protective film to ensure long service life. After the tool has been used for a long time, the tool must be changed. After the simple installation and adjustment, the original performance of the machine can be restored.

  The smashing tool of the carpet pulverizer is generally designed as a ladder-cut type. The knives of the knives are fixed at a certain angle. Each machine ensures that the machine works smoothly during pulverization, and the force is reasonable, which plays a key role in improving production and controlling noise.

  The machine cavity adopts split type, and the upper and lower machine chambers can be separated, which is convenient for adjusting several cleanings. The inner sealing part is provided with reinforcing ribs, and the heavy material is made to ensure that the machine cavity has sufficient steel property and the deformation of the inorganic cavity is long-term use.

  A water-cooling chamber is attached to the interior of the carpet crusher, which can be configured as needed. It is well adapted to certain heat sensitive materials. The inner main and the sides are sealed and a composite labyrinth seal is used.

  Its structural principle guarantees no leakage and has the advantage of high reliability, far exceeding the ordinary coarse crusher. The internal cavity of the carpet shredder and the hopper and the discharge port are designed according to GMP standards to ensure easy cleaning. The material is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti except for the internal frame, transmission and grinding tools, which must meet the requirements of GMP standards.

carpet shredder

  Carpet shredder operation steps

  1. preparation before starting

  Check the integrity and tightness of the parts, especially for high-speed parts such as hammers. The fixing must be firm. Check that the carpet shredder is secure on the base. Check the lubrication of the bearing. Open the door of the crushing chamber and check the crushing chamber for any debris. Check the baffle fastening and remove the debris from the magnet.

  2. boot

  After the above inspection is completed, the motor is started to run at no load. If the technical status of each part is normal, the load can be operated after the normal speed. During operation, there should be no magnetic or friction. The sieve should be installed firmly, sealed, and must not be leaked, and the sieve frame should be fastened. If abnormal noise, discharge blockage, bearing or motor overheating are found during work, stop feeding, stop inspection, and troubleshoot. At the end of the work, the residual materials of all parts of the machine should be cleaned. If the deactivation time is long, the machine must be wiped off and covered with a tarpaulin.

  The above is about the advantages and steps of the carpet shredder . I hope everyone will understand the advantages and steps of the carpet shredder.

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